Boho vs. shabby – perfect match 

With just one simple beach towel from a low budget store, a change of style can be easily made. 


The Beginning

Sunset – where the day ends and the night begins 

I have always had the feeling or need to share day-to-day things that I come across. “Things” – what are those? I’ve been rummaging through a lot of website and magazines giving the tips and tricks of a successful blog. Most of them come to the same quintessence: stick to one topic. I however have been unable to decide, which has hellt me off starting one for several years now. Do I want to talk about fashion, do I want to talk about my travels, do I want to talk about the things I experience at work or perhaps about the meals I create. Actually a bit of all and none exclusively.

I lately asked myself the question “do I really want a successful blog, or do I just want to share. Things that could be of help to other people or perhaps to none. Lets just get started and see what form and shape this blog will take.