Tiny Bathroom – decor

It was not until the 1920s that it started to gradually become more common for apartments to have their own private bathroom.

Before that, people went to bathing houses within the city in order to get themselves washed. And the toilet, this was located either outside or between floors.

In older apartments, they mostly took a part of the kitchen and build in a bathroom. This means that the bathrooms often have the most difficult size and features. Mine is very tiny, small and long.

Dryer through tiny door
dryer through tiny bathroom door

Yes. Like I said. very tiny. Tiny door – some people need to dug their heads when going in and it is just 61 cm in width.


But we made it! Now my bathroom equals wellness oasis equals laundry room.

I just love the handsoap and creme from rituals, and it looks very decorative

For the next picture – you will find the tutorial on how to create your own laundry closet under DIY shortly.



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